31 August 2018
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Top 10 Perfect Social Media Marketing Tools for 2022

With the rise of the digital age and its complimentary technological solutions (such as social media marketing tools), several daily tasks have changed from being harrowing to trivial.

A decade ago, marketing (and its subset, advertising) were both experimental and left holes in the pockets of the advertiser. In this day and age, the internet not only changed the way individuals go about their daily lives but also created a collective social intelligence where the majority of the earth’s population can be found.

The best thing for advertisers was the idea of not shilling out wells of cash on traditional advertising but on a much more effective, targeted and cheaper alternative; social media marketing tools.

Currently, there are 4 social media giants which all advertisers look towards – Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. Each has their own built-in social media analytics tools, social media marketing tools and while they are extremely helpful, they aren’t always enough.

Social media websites not only paved the way to interactive and nuanced social experiences but also gave birth to the most precise and surgical targeted advertising campaigns in human history.

A few of the issues that advertisers faced a decade ago was feedback from their prospects and suitable medium to approach their masses. With social media and its complimentary social media management tools, this has become a fool’s errand.

All interaction with one’s campaign can be recorded and primary data such as demographics, psychographics and geographics can be tracked on the go with these ‘social media management tools’.

As grew the convenience of targeted advertising to the prospects, so did the competition. In order to have a successful campaign, the social media manager must be able to collect, interpret and communicate feedback data from their masses, this is imperative to successful marketing campaigns. This might seem like a herculean task at first but if you’re aware of the best social media management tools available online, it should be a cake-walk.

Social media management tools help you to measure marketing analytics, schedule publishing tasks, manage customer relationships and measure the success of your campaign and make changes based on the insights, all on the go. Social media marketing tools are also necessary to do all of this at a larger scale, which would be extremely awkward and difficult if done on a step-by-step basis.

If you are looking for social media management tools to help you run successful campaigns,

Here is a list of the top ten social media marketing tools: (this list is in no particular order of importance)

1. Buffer


This San Francisco based IT solutions company shares its name with its namesake software, Buffer. The buffer is one of the must-have social media management tools, as it provides you with detailed social media analytics, helps you schedule publishing posts, interacting with the prospects, etc.

It is available on iOS, Android and is a windows browser based application. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram are amongst the accounts of social media platforms that can be managed using this social media manager. It is available in two service models; free and with premium tools.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout social is one of the social media marketing tools that provide you with services such as social media marketing, management, social media customer service and social media analytics.

Social experience is the name of the game with sprout social, that is also a social media advocacy software i.e., it connects all social media managers to share, communicate and gather their efforts on one platform, Bambu.

It enables you to measure social media analytics, schedule posts and make changes to campaigns on the go for social media platforms with integration into Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+, Zendesk, UserVoice, Feedly and Google Analytics. It has one of the largest suite of software and solutions on this list.

3. Feedly


Feedly is a slightly different concept when it comes to social media marketing applications on this list. It is a news aggregator software which is available as a SASS on PC and as an app on iOS and android.

This cloud-based service lets you – the social media manager, customise, rearrange and share news feeds from a variety of verified online sources with other people.

While Feedly isn’t as recent as some entries on this list, unveiled in 2008, it did, however, catch steam in the last few years becoming the top pick for advertisers to share news related articles on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. It is quite useful for advertisers to maintain their social media channels and staying in touch with their subscribers.

4. Sendible


Dubbed as the “One of the top social media marketing tools for agencies” Sendible is an online social media manager tool and app for mobiles that helps agencies to unify each one of their social media channels under one umbrella.

It provides you with options of checking your social media analytics, schedule posts and interact with your customer base. Sendible lets you manage all your accounts under an intuitive dashboard which provides you with updates on activities of your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Instagram accounts.

All marketing features can be accessed via their simple yet innovative dashboard. It also suggests you content that is relevant to your pages and lets you arrange it in order for sharing on your handles. Overall, it is a complete package for social media managers which is available in both freeware and premium options.

5. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is described as a social media management platform by its creator Ryan Holmes. Created in the year 2008, Hootsuite has seen many positive changes made to it.

Catered towards to more experienced digital marketer its suite of tools might appear similar on the surface as others but it is quite in-depth. Its dashboard integrates Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Youtube.

Social media marketing tools give you an in-depth breakdown of all your social media analytics, lets you interact with your prospective customers and schedule posts.

It even goes further by integrating other community-based platforms such as Reddit, Tumblr and Storify into its dashboard which are quite helpful for receiving feedbacks or gathering customer data.



With the software, the idea was simple. Connect all channels with all devices in an intuitive and comfortable process. Don’t let the name fool you, IFTTT (If Then This That) is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive softwares on this list. It introduces its own concept of applets, which basically make a connected system between all your social media channels and your devices.

This helps you receive updates on all your social media notifications via different channels (email, sms, voice message, etc.). If a user tags, shares or uses your hashtag, you will instantly receive a notification message via email or any other medium of choice.This social media marketing works on a very interesting system of cause and effect or as they like to call it ‘Trigger’ and ‘Action’.

However, it may take some time in getting used to and if you’re looking for something that is vanilla and simply helps you monitor social media analytics and schedule posts, this one isn’t for you. While it might not fit into your regular definition of social media marketing tools, it is a radically different approach to the same formula.

7. AgoraPulse


Talking about alternative names for similar services, the creators of AgoraPulse dubb this software as a social community and moderation tool (essentially one of the social media marketing tools).

While that is quite a fancy term, AgoraPulse is essentially a social media marketing tool catered to the businesses on social media platforms and it offers to connect all their channels under one roof, hence simplifying the process of keeping up with their demographic and making changes to their content on the go.

For organising and executing effective social media campaigns, AgoraPulse’s wide and varied suite of tools lets you manage all accounts, not miss a single notification about even the smallest of updates and provides you with in-depth yet comprehensive insights about your channels.

There are other little bells and whistles such as Calendar views, Powerpoint reports, community management metrics, audience categorisation, etc,. Which can be very useful in the hands of an experienced and qualified social media manager.

8. Visage


The approach with Visage is quite different as compared to other software on this list. Catered more towards the more casual social marketer, Visage gives you well designed and powerful data reports from your social media channels.

In their motto, the company clearly states that instead of doing more of the same, they wanted to make a move towards a more organised, visual and colourful approach to data, after all, if you want to appear professional to your customer. They will find your business more attractive if you present it in an attractive package.

The software essentially rearranges all your social media channels related data into visual and easy to interpret data, which might be difficult to do on other software such as powerpoint or word or even Google’s own suite of software.

This way even the most untrained of professionals can make good use of their data and the more seasoned ones can save time by using pre-prepared and organised data. If you’re looking into a software that lets you make beautiful and creative designs for everything that you share on your social sites, this one’s for you.

9. Post Suite


Post suite promises two things generating leads and creating campaigns within seconds of opening the software. You do not need to be an SEO analyst to utilise this software. It is that simple to use.

For small business owners who do not have enough money to hire social media teams or even enough time to sit down and read through pages of social media analytics, this software provides a simple fix. Available at a price of $47 as of the moment, However, this software is only integrated into Facebook, so, if you’re prospect customer isn’t on the platform, this software isn’t for you.

10. Social Quant

A relatively less known software, Social Quant lets you engage your Twitter followers, and generate leads. They will regularly send you email material regarding your updates, analytics, how to engage your customer and generate leads on Twitter.

While it holds a mixed perception in the eyes of the customers who have subscribed to the service, the positive reviews talk about how in-depth and effective the email material that they email you is and the experience of subscribing to this service is quite known to the user. Once you are able to figure out how their service works, it becomes quite a quick process and is very effective in doing its job.

Those were some of the best social media marketing tools that you will find as of September 2018. It is completely up to the choices and preferences of the marketer regarding their choice of software. However, one should also take into account what type of service they are looking into – is it mostly regarding scheduling posts, you need in-depth insights into your page, etc. Each one of the above is good at one or the other, so, your choice should reflect that in order for you to truly get your money’s worth.

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