27 May 2018
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10 Best Ways to Increase Facebook Likes Organically

If you are reading this article, you obviously understand the power of Facebook as a social media powerhouse to help with your marketing strategy. It’s either that or one of your friends suggested that you use Facebook for your marketing so that you will be able to reach more people. If it’s the latter, then you should know that your dear friend is a good friend. Facebook has more than 2 billion people who spend an average of 135 minutes per day.

People are practically living on Facebook. It is no longer just a platform they use to connect with people. It’s a place where they get the news, find out what’s trending, and also go shopping.

The reason behind this is that it’s a casual social platform. When someone is selling on Facebook, it sounds more like a suggestion from a friend or a member of your family rather than a salesman making his pitch. Of course, you need to have the right pitch for that.

1. But How will People Get to Know That my Business exists on Facebook?


There are 60 million business pages on the social media giant. For one, the good news is – it’s quite possible to establish a good presence and reach potential and target customers via Facebook, else 60 million businesses wouldn’t have taken the plunge.

The downside, however, is that – there’s 60 million of them. Although, all of them are not from your niche, you can easily estimate the kind of competition you have. Hence, in order to make people know that your business exists on Facebook, you need to reach a lot of people.

The more people you reach, the more are the chances of making a sale. What you should also understand here is that, your business is not just a pop-up sale and if you need customers to keep coming back to you, you need to be able to keep them updated about new product launches, sales, offers etc.

Also, you are going to keep needing new customers. Now, whenever a new customer checks out your Facebook page, the first thing that he thinks of is – “this is an online page, can I trust them.” If you are thinking, how you can get them to trust you, the answer is –more Facebook Likes. More Facebook Likes is a quotient of your credibility. If more people like your page, it means a lot of them have done business with you and trust you.

2. So How Do I Get More Facebook Likes?

Facebook Likes


There are primarily two ways to get Facebook Likes.

  • Increase your Likes Organically
  • Buy Likes

If you want to get a head start when you have newly created a Facebook page for your business, you might as well consider buying your first few likes. Having a good number of likes when you start gives you great credibility. It’s like a snowball effect which can work out very well for you when you start your campaign for organic likes. When people see that you have a lot of likes, they are more convinced and you likes will continue to grow as your page already seems like a popular one.

3. I see your point, what are the ways I can get Organic Likes for my Facebook Page?

To be honest, you do need to put in quite some effort in order to increase the reach and hence the organic likes on your Facebook. But first things first –

4. You need to optimize your profile

Optimize Your Profile

The first place where you need to start if you want a get more likes if by crafting a great page. Luckily enough, Facebook does give you a good opportunity to optimize your profile by including various sections on your profile page.

Let’s begin with the “About” section. When people visit your page, they are looking for specific information. Hence, your “About” section must include your contact details, when your business was founded, your operational hours, your milestones as a brand, and an overview of your company.

All of this is a basic necessity to add credibility to your page; it makes the visitors believe that your page is real. Also try to use important keywords in the description so that it is easy for people to land on your page.

Next – use a good profile and cover picture. Visual imagery has a better impact on the audience. Use a compelling image that defines you as a brand. A good picture also gives you an added advantage in the Facebook algorithm.

Make sure each of these is filled out in a professional, on-brand manner and is complete.

5. Create Engaging and Evergreen Content


If you have stepped into digital marketing, you probably already know that great content is important for the growth of your page. However, you need to understand that a lot of content gets posted on Facebook every day and if your content has to appear on your target users’ news feed, it needs to be relevant to what their interests are and should be of high quality.

What you also need to understand is that, most of the users are scrollers. If you want these scrollers to stop at your post, you have to give them something that will immediately engage their interests.

A long text post is boring. Use optimized images with catchy captions and infographics which can instantly captivate their attention. Include a link in the post, if you do want them to go through a long article. In other words, give them a post they will like.

Also, keep your posts evergreen, as in create timeless content that is useful for your audience over longer periods of time. Another good thing about evergreen posts is that, you can always re-share those posts by adding a new spin on them and repurposing them. This is a great way to get some new likes because you already know that this method has been helpful in the past.

6. Timing your Posts

No matter how good your content is, if your target audience doesn’t see it – it’s not getting you anywhere. The fact is your targeted audience needs to be online when your post goes live. When your fans see your post, that’s when they get to like, share and comment; in other words, engage with your post.

According to statistics, if your post is going live over the weekend, most users are online between 12 to 1 PM. If it’s a Thursday or a Friday it’s going to be around 1 – 4PM and on Wednesdays at around 3PM.

Another factor that you need to take into consideration while timing your posts is time zones. 50% of the American population is stationed in the Eastern Time Zone. The Eastern and the Central Time Zone put together makes up for 80% of the population. If you are targeting specific areas, you can target their time zones. However, if you are targeting the entire US, things can get a little tricky and you might want to go with Eastern Standard Time.

7. Attract the Right Kind of Audience

Getting likes from random people won’t do much for your business, because they won’t engage with your marketing campaigns. You want fans whose interests are aligned with your business. It’s all about quality over quantity. You have already created posts that have begun to get likes.

What you can do now is use one of these posts to find out who has liked it. Now that you have a list of people who have an affinity for your posts, open the list to see who among those haven’t liked your page and invite them to do so – nine out of ten times, they will. Score!

If you are just getting started with your posts, use organic post targeting to reach the right people. By doing this, you serve your post to them on a platter. Target customers based on their age, interest, gender, location.

If you already have a few fans and are trying to get more, you can use the exclude existing fans option.

8. Run Contests

How many times have you come across a post that indicated a competition with freebies up for grabs? If you can recollect, the post did say that you need to like the page first, share the post and tag more friends – does that ring a bell. Do you remember feeling – what is the harm in liking one more page, when you have a chance at a free gift? There’s probably no more explanation needed here. Contests are a great way to get more likes as well as engagements.

Apart from these there’s always a lot more that you can do, like:

  • Offering Special discounts to Facebook fans
  • Create and Publish videos natively
  • Create invite only groups for the most engaged members of your audience
  • Research what your competition is doing and take a point or two from them
  • Invite your email list to like your page and add social media icons to your email
  • Interact with your audience and engage with them

Creating a stand out Facebook page is pretty much like search engine optimization. All you need is the high quality content, offering good user experience and optimizing your page to perform well. Facebook is a valuable asset when it comes to social media marketing. Follow these tips to increase your Facebook fan base organically and get the best use out of Facebook.

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