27 May 2018
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10 Best Ways to increase Twitter Followers naturally

Twitter is the fourth largest social media website and an excellent platform to expand your reach to a wide range of targeted audiences. Businesses of all sizes are using twitter to create more awareness about their brand. As twitter becomes more engrained, it sure becomes imperative for your business to hop-on and create a presence on this social media platform.

The number of followers you have on twitter is an index of your popularity and the more popular you are, the more meaningful your presence and the better it is for your business.

1. I love this, let’s make me popular!

When it comes to obtaining more followers on Twitter, quality as usual trumps quantity. However, you’d rather have both. There are two ways to increase your following on Twitter – you can either choose the quick-fix route, and buy some followers or you can follow the “slow and steady wins the race” motto, and work on increasing your followers organically.

When you are launching yourself on Twitter, it is a good idea to go shopping and buy some followers. It is a great way to get some “quantity” which makes your profile look good when you are about to start your organic reach campaign.

If you already have an existing number of followers, your twitter handle will look more convincing to the new onlooker and he is more likely to become a follower – it’s pretty much like a chain reaction. Well, this is the easy part. But if you want to increase your following organically, and you should because you certainly can’t stop at the ones you bought, it requires more strategic planning and being meticulous.

2. How to get Organic Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers

Getting organic twitter followers is not just a number game. It is about getting followers who share interests similar to your business. This implies that you are getting followers who are actually interested in your business and will care about your tweets. To optimize your reach, you will need to be very specific about your niche and narrow it down. Let’s get you started with

3. Optimization of your Twitter Profile

This is the basic foundation of increasing your reach on twitter. This is where you get to impress your audience with a catchy bio – so use that limited 160-character space wisely. Pull up your creative socks and create a precise yet enticing bio. It is an advantage if you use the right keywords so that it’s easier for people to find you.

Use an interesting description that will immediately spike the reader’s interest in your brand and give them reason to follow you. Remember, your bio is way more important than you have begun to realize. Use it to convey the right message so that people with shared interests will connect with you and in a meaningful manner.

Another important part of your profile is your image. People are more attracted to visual imagery and your profile image is the first impression of your brand – it’s how people will identify and remember you.

4. Then come the Hashtags


When it comes to people being able to find you, hashtags is the one of the most important part of your strategy to increase your organic reach. Hashtags reflect the context of your business and your posts.

They are essentially keywords which will come of use when users search for your or for you to reflect in the search results when someone is looking for a business in your niche. You can increase your organic reach using hashtags in two ways.

  • The first way is to use existing hashtags, which are common in your area of business. This helps you show up in the search results when people are looking for something similar. You can also use these hashtags to find people in your community. When you do, you can add these people to your twitter list and this will prompt them to loom up your profile and if you have something that engages them, they will follow you back.
  • The second method is to create your own hashtags. These will come in handy when you are running a contest (another great way to get some organic followers) or when you are answering someone’s questions. It greatly increases the chances of getting people to follow you as well as engage with you.

5. The next most important strategy is engaging with people

The reason why twitter has become so successful with helping businesses grow is that, it presents a platform where you can engage with your potential customers. In other words, you are talking to the person in them rather than just treating them as a customer with whom you only intend to make a sale.

When you engage with your audience, you trigger their gratitude response and that can go a long way. It is indeed one of the best marketing techniques. People love it when a brand likes their comments. But, don’t just restrict yourself to liking their comments, go a step ahead and leave a heartful comment as a reply.

When someone retweets you, show humility and thank them for it. This is how you really connect with them in person. Twitter is not just about branding but about communicating with people on a global level. If you keep acting like you are only going to talk business, you will lose your appeal and people’s interest. So go ahead and engage and make your brand look like it cares!

6. While we are on the topic of engagement, how about engaging with influencers

If an influencer is talking about your business, this kind of endorsement can work wonders for you. To get them to do so, find the influencers in your niche. When you create posts, try to give them a meaningful mention. This will trigger them to share your content and since they already have a huge fan base following (who are your potential customers), your post will shoot up into the spot light where it is seen by a lot of people who are very likely to follow you back. Also, people are interested in following accounts which influencers follow. So if you have managed to spark the interest of an influencer, you’ve come across a goldmine.

7. You mentioned that I should create a post which will spark the influencer’s interest – what kind of posts are we talking about

If an influencer (or anyone for that matter) has to follow you, you must give them a reason to do so. The reason being, that your posts provide valuable information; apart from being informative it should also be engaging. This is the 80/20 rule of creating posts – it should be 80% informative and 20% engaging.

That is what makes your content great and great content is a key factor in obtaining more followers organically. For driving engagement, you can use visuals to add to the appeal or sometimes an inspirational quote.

If you are attending any live events, share the same on your twitter handle and ask people to share their experiences about the event or similar ones they might have bene to. Also, tweets about live events (when used with the right hashtags) are broadcasted within your community and will push people to follow you.

While you are creating posts, remember to publish at the times when most of your followers and potential followers are online. Another important factor about posting content, is their frequency. You do not want to remain too silent , which comes across as not worth following, nor bombard your followers with a huge number of posts which will eventually turn them off. Research says that the sweetspot is around 3-5 posts a day.

8. Speaking of live events, have you heard about twitter chats

This is one amazing feature on twitter which is like a live event where the focus is on a particular topic. This is generally created by a brand or an individual.

When a comment is posted or a question is generated, people can respond to it using a single hashtag. Indulge in live chats and provide valuable suggestions and insights which can give your business some great visibility and provides an opportunity for shares. “Twitter chats” provides a platform to develop meaningful relationships, where you not just get to know more people but also pocket new followers.

Apart from these there are several other ways to get more followers, the organic way. Some of those are:

  • Tweeting questions to get responses
  • Using Twitter video
  • Running polls
  • Pinning you best feeds on the top of your feed
  • Adding twitter buttons to your website, blog, email signature
  • Etc

Most of the time, if you are wondering, what’s a good place to get started with any of these strategies, you can always get your answers from twitter insights or use the twitter algorithm to your advantage. The bottom line is there is a sea of opportunities with marketing on twitter. When you harness its potential by posting engaging content, and being nice to your followers you can reap the benefits in the form of more followers and better business.

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