15 July 2018
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How to Get More YouTube Views

With so many people emerging as YouTubers, the competition is tougher than ever. Even if you have your foot in the door, YouTube keeps pushing you to do better, or perhaps the field does.

It’s pretty tough to rack up a substantial number of views in the first place and if your content is competing with the heavyweights who get views from any means possible, you’ll in hot water. So what else can you do to get more views?

Here we will talk about optimization but also other options that aren’t promoted that amenable.

  • Consistency is always key. You can’t be a one-hit wonder on YouTube or simple the “one-and-done” approach doesn’t work. You need to keep posting regularly and create a standard for you content. A benchmark that you yourself follow regarding the content you put out there. It’s basically a brand that you create for yourself and that needs to be the best image you portray to the world. Update new videos regularly and share with your sphere of influencers as a well-planned marketing strategy.This will enable constant traffic to your account and will also attract new subscribers and viewers.
  • Optimizing your video is the next step. You could create the best content there is out there but how will the world know about it? Having a great title, description and tags using keywords will make a huge difference.                                                                        Youtube Video Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Using the right tags will get you seen in the search results, enticing more people to your channel. Adding a fascinating thumbnail will also make people want to watch your video.                                                                                                                                     YouTube Meta Data                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Link all your social media so that if you share your video on one platform, you can automatically share it across various platforms. If no one your friends will watch it, their friends, your mom.


  • Providing value to your viewers is going to keep them coming back for more. You need to convey your content in a fetching and compelling format that separates you from the others. Every video needs to deliver your best content, relatable content that brings the viewers and makes them followers of the real kind. Your quality should be remarkable using your creative right-brain marketing approach. Being boring is a cardinal sin.

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  • It may sound clichéd but follow all the steps to get a great fan following. Ask for subscribers, tell the people exactly what to do. You need to keep telling them to remind them, if it’s in front of them only when they consider it. Don’t assume that if you have a viewer you’ve automatically got a subscriber. You need to give your audience a compelling call of action, push them towards the subscribe, like and comment buttons. Give them a reason to do so.Use annotations even if they seem very annoying. Visual reminders are also an added bonus; colorful sticky notes are an overused tool but they work every single time. If you strategically place them so that it doesn’t irritate the viewer, you could have yourself constant viewers to others videos. A sophisticated way to do this is to add a speech bubble or a spotlight annotation at the end of the video to remind your viewers to subscribe. You could also add windows to your other videos so that your viewers can view them as well.
  • All said and done, these steps ensure a more organic but slow growth of your YouTube channel. If you want to venture in the big leagues, you can go their way by buying YouTube subscribers and views. It sounds very taboo but it isn’t. Most YouTubers resolve to this method as the competition is pretty stiff out there and honestly, it isn’t a very uncommon practice. Big shots do this to gain the following they’ve reached and it doesn’t mean all your following is bought. It’s simply a boost to enhance your existing following. Buying some followers usually results in more and more followers coming your way. It doesn’t mean you cannot grow your channel organically. It’s a perceptive world and viewers only subscribe to those who are already ‘established’. You have to fake it till you make it. A great tool to use if you wish to purchase views is Follower Packages. They ensure that you get the exposure that you deserve. You could be the best channel on YouTube but it means nothing if you don’t have the views to prove it. You need to become what people are watching.


Follower Packages has a variety of services that will promote your videos on YouTube and you can also choose to custom order a certain package according to your requirements. It’s a fast way to get you the boost you need and it 100% safe. They provide organic followers where people sign up to follow your channel in exchange for money. So if you have any qualms about ‘bot’ followers then you’re perfectly safe here. You can create a spontaneous following this way as well.


  • Another way to get subscribers is to strategically partner with other YouTube creators. You can add your channel to the “Featured Channels” and just by association people will consider you subscribe worthy. If the YouTuber you collaborate with has a similar audience as you then this will work best as it’ll gain you an audience in your niche. Don’t feel afraid to ask other creators, they’re looking for an equal chance to promote their channel.


  • Ever heard of a dream board? Similarly, creating a ‘payoff’ and broadcasting it to your followers will make them enthusiastic about supporting you. They’ll be on board and help you accomplish your goals. Tell your followers that your goal is to reach a certain amount of subscribers. And when you do, give them something in return, a great video that also introduces your new goal of more subscribers. Make it an endless cycle which only goes up. It’s a fun way to keep your followers engaged and interacting with you. Keep interacting with them in every way possible, comments, other social media. If you get subscribers, it’s bound to happen that these followers follow you on other social media. This is a good strategy to gain followers across various platforms.
  • Exchange networks are a great way to gain ‘free’ followers. Addmefast is one of the top sites which promotes your blog or pages socially. It’s an easy way to get any kind of activity on your blog or channel. The concept is that you earn points by liking other pages and use the same points to get likes, views, of your own. It’s basically a win-win situation.

It’s a lot of work, yes but the payoff it brilliant in the end. You’ll watch your YouTube Channel flourish but be consistent is key. You need to keep doing this for each and every content you create so that you build a base for yourself with nowhere to go but upwards.

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