27 May 2018
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How to be Instagram Famous

With social media ruling the content spectrum, people find Instagram and Twitter to be the most effective way to reach an audience. But most people face the dilemma on how to start. It may look easy on the outside but the work is real. To get established on Instagram you need a sizeable amount of followers. And since content is king and distribution is queen, good quality content will rope in the followers.

Here are a few extra tricks to follow if you want to be Instagram famous.

Let’s start with the basics shall we?

1. Well Curated Feed

As mentioned above Content is King. Your content is a representation of you on Instagram, may it be fashion, travel, food, meme, opinion, anything. The kind of content you put out there will help get you the traction you require. Quality trumps quantity but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post on the regular.

Aesthetics are your best friend if you want to develop a good Instagram following. Just posting anything won’t work. A well curated feed requires you to maintain a theme, colour palette, if you’d like, on your Instagram. Studies show that if you follow a particular (any kind) theme, your page attracts more traction. It’ll also help you establish a visual brand identity. Stick to a theme across all social media platforms, mainly Instagram and your blog. It’ll help people identify with your content.

But it’s not just the pictures you post on Instagram. Your blog/vlog should be harmoniously interconnected with the pictures you post, giving your followers a variety of content to choose from. This way you establish a clear brand identity for yourself. People on Instagram are looking for a visual journey and if you can provide that, you’re halfway there. The only thing you need to learn now is how to sell yourself.

2. Establish a Target Audience

Since you’ve established your purpose, now you need to establish a target audience. People who will be influenced by your posts the most. What are they seeking, what do they like? Research on what the top accounts for your niche are doing but don’t blindly follow. Develop your own identity, something that makes you different from the other bloggers. This will help create an audience that admires you and aspires to be like you. We’re all guilty of following luxury or famous accounts that provide a taste into their crazy lifestyle and aspire to have it like DoYouTravel, BadBhabie, FunforLouis, Logan Paul, Wanderlust, GypseaLust, etc. This kind of storytelling keeps the audience hooked on to what’ll happen next.

Using tools like www.followerpackages.com is a good way to get you started. It’s the perfect push you need to attract traffic to your account.

Once you’ve established your audience, engage with them. Post regularly. Like or comment on their post, give them a shout out on your Instagram stories. Respond to their comments on your posts. Express your gratitude through posts or stories. This will help build a connection between you and your audience.

3. Timing is Everything

That being said and done, there isn’t really a ‘correct’ time to post on Instagram. It depends on your audience and when they’re active. If you live in europe and your target audience is in the US, keep in mind the time difference. Majority influencers say that the best time to post on Instagram is 11 am to 1 pm and 7 pm to 9 pm. But the new Instagram algorithm has all of us confused. The new timeline shows the follower what they think they want to see instead of the most recent posts. So to overcome this slight obstacle you just have to decide when your followers are most active on the platform and post accordingly. There are also apps like Iconosquare to help you out.

4. Marketing Strategy

Let’s talk business shall we?

  • When you’re just starting out on Instagram, the best marketing strategy for you is to look for shout outs. Approach other accounts in your niche and ask them to give you a shout out, allowing you to engage with their audience as well. A shout out from an influencer will bring a wave of new followers for you.
  • You can also like other’s photos, comment on them to get your noticed. Engaging on Instagram is key to building ground work.
  • Hashtags are important for a wider reach. But there’s a thin line between using correct hashtags and overcrowding with irrelevant hashtags. Visit other accounts to see what hashtags their using and improvise. Also develop a customized hashtag for yourself, it’ll be easier for your followers to distinguish you from others. This is also a way for you to interact with your followers. Tell them to use your hashtag whenever talking about you on the platform apart from just tagging.
  • Use Instagram as a tool for your business. A good profile and an engaging bio bordering on professional will help you not only get traction but also business to your account. Use key words in your bio that describe your brand. Your content will also become a portfolio for you.

5. Connect all your Social Media Accounts

Social Media

Link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest as well as your blog together. This will enable people to find you on all social media platforms. And will also let you share your posts across platforms.

6. Tell your story


Your Instagram account is in a way your voice. You’re telling your story through it so make it worthwhile. Get real about your Instagram strategy. Why should people follow you? By telling a story you give them a reason. A marriage between your passion and what your followers find interesting will help you create the your most quality content. Every post should back your personal branding, establishing a mood and look for your feed. Keep your username easy to find.

7. Become an ‘Influencer’


How do you think most influencers earn money through Instagram? Sponsored Posts.

If you have a healthy following on Instagram, brands will approach you for post advertising. Emerging brands are a good way to start. Use whatever you can. But how do you know what to charge for your services? You can use tools such as Influence Estimator to get an estimate. Know your worth.

Despite popular belief, a large number of followers isnt the only sign of a popular account. If you’re using Instagram as a platform to express yourself, remember to be true to what you represent. It’s easy to get swayed by the impact of Instagram. Don’t post what others like, find the perfect harmony between what you like as well as what your audience will.

Another tip is to plan ahead of time. Create content on the regular even if you’re not going to post. Keep backups ready for those mind block days.

These tips should be enough to get you started and you’ll keep learning as you go.

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