Thank you for using the services offered by FollowerPackages ( These Terms of Service (forming the “Agreement”) is a binding legal contract between you (the customer) and FollowerPackages (the “Company”). By using the information or services offered by FollowerPackages you agree to the Terms of Service and allow the company to take appropriate action if you are found violating the same terms.

FollowerPackages holds the right to change the Agreement at any point of time without notice. Services or content accessed by you will then come under the revised Agreement. The details of the current Agreement can be found below.

Website Use

FollowerPackages offers social media services which can be purchased online through a variety of methods. By purchasing these services, you agree to pay the indicated prices and also agree to the following:

  1. a) You have the authority to make the purchase.
  2. b) You are authorized to use the social media account you are ordering the services for.
  3. c) You will use the services for activities that are not illegal or fraudulent.
  4. d) Purchases made are non-refundable. However, FollowerPackages may grant refunds on its own discretion.


Limitation of Liability

FollowerPackages is not responsible for any damages, losses, or liabilities, arising out of your use of our services. You understand this and agree to use the services at your own risk. We are not responsible for any claimed damages as a result of using these services.


Social Media Accounts

FollowerPackages is not responsible for the removal/deletion of your social media account(s), or the content associated with them (photos, posts, videos, etc.) by the platform moderators through the use of FollowerPackages services. This is because the Terms of Service of social media websites change from time to time, and they often delete accounts or posts without notice. You understand the risk and agree to use our services at your own risk. FollowerPackages will not be held liable for “lost” or “dropped” followers or likes. Depending on the content posted by the client, followers/fans may choose to “unfollow” or “unlike” a page and or their accounts may be deleted. Therefore FollowerPackages will not be held liable for any decreases in followers or likes. However, customers may contact our support team to request a refill which will be granted at the discretion of FollowerPackages.


Account/Content Modification

You must not change your accounts/content that is linked to your purchase order, especially when FollowerPackages has started the campaign. This is because it interrupts our service and will pose many difficulties with the order process. If you make any kind of changes after placing an order, FollowerPackages will not take responsibility for delivering the order. You may also not claim for refunds in this situation.


Applicable Law

These Terms and your use of the FollowerPackages Services are governed by the laws of The Cayman Islands, without regard to its choice of law provisions. Any dispute or legal action will be governed by the laws of The Cayman Islands.


Pausing Campaigns

FollowerPackages reserves the right to pause your social media campaign at any point of time until the full order is delivered. Although we try out best to deliver the order as soon as possible, in certain circumstances we may need to revise the strategy, for which pausing the campaign is necessary. You may not claim for refunds for a paused campaign.


Terms of Confidentiality

The social media account/s information will be kept confidential by FollowerPackages. Any other information/content will be considered non-confidential. You hereby authorize FollowerPackages to use the same in any manner the company sees fit.


Termination of Service

This Agreement will become active as soon as FollowerPackages accepts your job order, and will be nullified with the termination of the job by either party. However, FollowerPackages reserves the right to withhold your payment if you are found to be exploiting the system, or otherwise based on own discretion, and terminate the service.



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