5 September 2018
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Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts to Follow on social media

Everyone needs some advice every now and then. Therefore it is an absolute necessity to follow the right people on social media as there are so many. If you are a social media marketer or aspire to become one, you should consider following the mantras of the right people. Unlike many other things, your opinions on social media trends and tools must come from a place of knowledge instead of speculation.

While you can go about it yourself, collecting enough information, knowledge, and experience. The success stories and anecdotes from social media experts can really help as these individuals are at the forefront of their subject matter and not only do they hold a great bank of knowledge but also dictate how certain trends work in the market. These are the people who work at the largest digital media companies that are responsible for paving the way for such trends.

With that, if you are looking to expand your business further or work as a social media marketer, here is a list of people (social media experts) that you should be following closely on Twitter and Instagram:

1. Neil Patel – Neil Patel

Neil Patel, a New York Times bestselling author. This UK based angel investor holds multiple acclaims of belonging to a list of rare individuals – top marketer, top 10 entrepreneurs under the age of 30, etc. Neil Patel has authored multiple award winning  books such as Hustle, Content Machine, 3 billion under 30, etc. He is also the co-founder of startups such as Crazy Egg and Hello Bar.

On his twitter account you will find him dealing out his knowledge via him sharing his favourite blogs, websites and videos on social media marketing.

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2. Jay Baer – jaybaer

Jay Baer is another multi award-winning author who has received the title of New York Times bestseller on 5 different books he has written – Youtility, Hug your Haters, The NOW Revolution, etc. by his profession he is an author and a motivational public speaker. Under his guidance, he has managed to create 5 multi-million dollar companies. His own website (convinceandconvert.com) describes him as:

“He is also the New York Times best-selling author of five books, the most retweeted person in the world among digital marketers, the second-most influential person in content marketing, and a certified BBQ judge.”

Now, that’s a reputation that you don’t earn in a single day. On his social media handles, you will find Jay Baer sharing posts, tweeting out and linking posts related to marketing campaigns that take the right steps.

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3. Sujan Patel – sujanpatel

An entrepreneur himself, Sujan Patel has over 14 years worth of experience in marketing and startups. His areas of expertise extend further onto creating traffic on your channels and managing your pre-existing customer base by effective usage of CRM tools. Sujan is also cousins with Neil Patel, the first entrepreneur mentioned on this list. An eccentric talent for marketing extends within their blood, it seems.

Sujan Patel has also led the digital marketing campaigns and strategies for social media marketing brands such as Mint, Salesforce, Intuit, and many other fortune 500 companies. His goal in life has always been to help marketer and entrepreneurs to grow their business via the usage of digital marketing.

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4. Aleyda Solis – AleydaSolis

An SEO consultant from the University of Salamanca, Aleyda Solis has turned many heads in her direction through her extensive knowledge and experience in digital trends.

She is also a well known and award-winning author and public speaker. Aledya has shared her expertise in her books and speeches to help marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs to increase their online organic footprint, increase traffic on digital channels and making conversions.

On her twitter account, you will find her often sharing, tweeting and retweeting insights into the digital trends, social media marketing, cyber security, etc. Following her would let you into industry insides and the knowledge acquired could help implement change in your own approach to digital marketing.

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5. Andrew Chen – Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen is a digital marketer who was responsible for the rider growth in Uber cab service. He specializes in SaaS, monetization, metrics, and growth. If you subscribe to his own newsletter, you will also be able to receive the inside knowledge of the silicon valley.

When he is not helping top brands grow their digital presence, Andrew acts as an advisor/investor to growing firms. Andrew Chen is a graduate of the University of Washington, where he received a B.S. in applied mathematics at the age of 19.

He can be found sharing his valuable insights on Twitter, Linkedin and on his own blog. All of which is quite useful for you if you’re a marketer.

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6. Gary Vaynerchuk – garyvee

An author to multiple New York Times bestseller books, including the brilliant Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belarusian/American entrepreneur, author, speaker and somewhat of a viral internet personality. When he is not turning his families 3 million USD wine business into 60 million, Vaynerchuk is one of the biggest contributing personalities to digital marketing and social media marketing.

In his books, Gary shares anecdotes, case studies, researches and the style of writing follows closely to a novel as he weaves an interesting web of narratives around his personal opinions on subjects as a marketer.

His social media presence is not only limited to sharing his market expertise and opening conversations about trends. His social media presence is a testament on how to educate people on a social presence while embodying the very ideas he shares. On one platform you can see him share his advice while he shares a picture of himself in his vineyard on the other.

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7. Guy Kawasaki – GuyKawasaki

One of the biggest marketing personalities on this list, Guy Takeo Kawasaki is an author, public speaker, marketing expert, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist. If you read about his history, he was originally an Apple employee responsible for the marketing of their mackintosh line of personal computers in 1984. With a past which is so rich in marketing, Guy Kawasaki has kept up with the times and has some of the best digital marketing insights to provide.

He has also authored some of the most well-revered marketing books like Art of Social media. While his social media presence is not very personal, he does share important blogs, news articles and research on his social media. Following him will provide you with a more seasoned and traditional approach to marketing, which is almost absent today.

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8. Mark W Schaefer – markwschaefer

Mark Schaefer is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, educator, and author. He has been responsible for some of the most important pieces of literature/opinion pieces about marketing and the effects of social media in the 21st century. He has given some of the biggest speeches and workshops to digital marketers as well as some of the biggest brands of the Silicon Valley.

With a history like Mark Schaefer, he is known for his experienced and original insights into marketing both digital and traditional. Following him on his social media accounts would provide you with the same.

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9. Ann Hadley – Ann hadley

Ann Hadley is known for her tried and tested insights into digital marketing. An author, speaker, and a digital marketing pioneer, Ann Hadley advises on content creation – how it should be done, what tools help you optimize it and how to be unique and original.

In her book Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content which is a very long title, she illustrates the same point while sharing market research, case studies and her own personal insights to tie it all together.

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10. Seth Godin Seth Godin 

Seth Godin is an American author who has authored over 17 books throughout his career. Godin, who had started off as a dot-com company business executive, he now hold years of experience in marketing both traditional and digital.

Seth Godin has seen tremendous success in the sales of most of his written work, one of which is All Marketers are Liars where he talks about how 21st-century marketing is more about promises and less about living up to them. He got inspired from the 2004 loss of the Democratic party.

His work is some of the more uniques written pieces in marketing literature. A similar trend would be noticed in his social media presence, where he is snappy, clever and knowledgeable.

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