6 February 2019
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Top 10 Effective Ways to Get More Instagram Followers for 2022

In modern times, the importance of social media as a marketing strategy cannot be emphasised enough! Channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can give a gigantic boost to your brand presence.

What once started out as a place for friends and family to connect and share photographs is now one of the most if not the most popular social media platform. Yes, folks, you’ve guessed it right we’re talking about Instagram.

Now if you’re new to Instagram and you’re just getting started and trying to build up a fan following or if you’ve been there for a while but haven’t been able to see the kind of results you were hoping to see then do take the time to go through our detailed guide on some of the most effective ways to get the most Instagram followers over the shortest period of time.

1. Link your accounts:

Social Accounts

If you haven’t done this already make sure you do it immediately. Be sure to link your Instagram account to your Facebook and Twitter account.

How would this help? Well a fair share of people you have following you on Facebook/Twitter are most likely to have an Instagram account so if you’re accounts are linked, the chances of them following you on Instagram drastically increase as it’ll be easier for them to find you.

2. Use more hashtags:

A girl Holding Hastag

Yes, we’ve stated the obvious, but only because it’s so effective in pulling in the numbers. The right use of popular hashtags combined with keywords and catchphrases can be a game changer.

So be active on the web, see what’s trending and make the most of it! Hashtags like #instafollow, #instalike, #food, #love, #picoftheday and #beautiful have been very popular for quite some time now, but be sure to check out the latest trends all the same.

3. Follow other people:

People Standing In circle

Sometimes the best way to attract attention to your own work can be by appreciating the work of other people. So make sure you follow and like other people and other brands.

A healthy interaction and communication can go a long way in building the positive feedback chain you need in order for your brand to shine.

4. Be a good storyteller:

A Girl Holding Stodry Book

It’s not just enough to have a series of good pictures. A storyline is equally important to attract the crowds, to build that connection.

So be creative, don’t be in a hurry to get big, give each post the thought it deserves and help build your own unique style and try and stick to it so that the people following you know what to expect from you in the future. Consistency is the key here.

5. Try setting up more contests, offers and giveaways:

 A lots Of Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good discount or a freebee? So if you can organise more contests or giveaways you’ll definitely manage to increase your fan following.

Simple things like asking people to follow your page or reposting a particular post to be eligible for the prize can make a lot of difference.

Brands like dbrand and iGyaan have attracted so many followers over the past couple of years by these popular marketing strategies, so don’t hesitate to go big every once in a while.

6. Partnership with other brands:

Partnership With other Brands

If you’re just getting started, a partnership with a more well-known brand who much likely has a larger following can help attract the attention you need to get things moving.

By simply letting them repost your product posts you can help expose your company to a larger audience.

This is a good marketing strategy even at a later stage in your marketing campaign. Again the well-known partnership of dbrand and the famous YouTuber MKBHD is a living example of how successful such partnerships can be.

7. Put your blogpost/website to good use:

Make website to good use

Your company’s own website or blogpost is another great place to advertise your Instagram account. All you need to do is incorporate your Instagram posts with your blogs.

A lot of people have a direct “follow me” Instagram link on their blogposts, this helps encourage their readers to dig deeper and explore further. Also mentioning your Instagram page on your website’s contact us/drop a suggestion page can be very useful to spread the message.

8. Keep it clean:

Keep it clean

No one likes a cluttered and disorganised page. Keep a regular tab on your settings so that you can hide any unwanted or potentially embarrassing posts that may be present on your profile.

Also remember to keep things connected. It’s best not to move from one style to the other as it may lead to your ending up with a cluttered and confusing set of posts.


To conclude, we’d just like to say that don’t get too overboard with trying to get as many Instagram followers and likes as possible.

Remember always that what’s most important is the relevance and quality of your posts. Always try and be original and build a storyline. Keep things fresh yet, make sure that you don’t deviate from your style.

Last but not the least, never try and get followers through paid third party companies who use bots to do the same, as a sudden and unusual spike in the number of your followers can lead to your account being permanently deactivated by Instagram.

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